The Directorate of Engineering and Technology is made up of Five Units:

  • Spectrum and Licensing Unit
  • Monitoring and Telecommunication Equipment Unit
  • Mobile Monitoring Unit
  • Computer Support and IT Unit
  • Ancillary Services Unit


  • Broadcast spectrum management, planning and assignment
  • Technical processing of applications for ownership and operation of Radio, Television and Cable broadcasting services
  • Monitoring broadcasting for harmful emission, interference and illegal broadcasting
  • Approving the transmitter power, the location of stations, coverage areas as well as regulate types of broadcast equipment to be used
  • Frequency coordination and updating of frequency Assignment Register
  • Processing of applications for broadcast Licence
  • Technical standard specifications and equipment authorization
  • Spectrum control (Enforcement, inspection and monitoring).
  • Liaison and consultation with other spectrum management agencies
  • Spectrum engineering support
  • T support
  • Installation and maintenance of broadcast equipment in the NBC offices across the country.
  • Installation and maintenance of communication equipment e. g. telephones (fixed or mobile)
  • Provision and maintenance of broadcast signals for monitoring purposes.
  • Provision of ancillary support in NBC headquarters and zones
  • Supervision of Commission’s on-going projects
  • In-house Training
  • Specify and evaluate Set-Top-Box spec for manufacturers and vendors
  • Define specifications for broadcast signal Distributors
  • Represent the Commission in ITU WRC events and agendas
  • Inter-agency collaborations on regulatory policies.
  • Develop and submit iteration data to ITU in accordance with Ge06 plan modification.

Spectrum & Licensing Unit

  • Management, Planning and re-planning and assignment of broadcast frequency
  • Technical inspection visits to broadcast stations, including pre-commissioning inspection.
  • Monitoring of transmission parameters of stations to ensure compliance with set standards.
  • Technical assessment of submitted applications for the grant of broadcast Licence
  • Representing the Commission at National and International meetings and conferences

Monitoring and Telecommunication Equipment Unit

  • Multiplexing, amplification and redistribution of broadcast signals for monitoring within the offices in the NBC Headquarters office, zonal offices and state offices
  • Liaison with broadcast operators to ensure that their signals are available to the Commission for monitoring.
  • Liaison with telecommunication gadgets provider for supply, operations and maintenance of facilities provided by them to the Commission.

Mobile Monitoring Unit

  • Operation and Maintenance of the Mobile Monitoring Vans
  • Monitoring the air-waves to ensure compliance with broadcast technical standards
  • Operation and maintenance of IT-based spectrum monitoring tools for broadcast signals.

Computer Support and IT Unit

  • Provide support for an active and functional NBC website.
  • Provision and maintenance of computer systems and accessories for the Commission’s staff.
  • Liaison with Internet & photocopiers services providers for the provision and maintenance of the facilities provided by them to the Commission
  • Supervision of IT-based projects.

Ancillary Services Unit

  • Ensuring that the electrical fittings and appliance in the Commission are in perfect working condition.
  • Installation and maintenance of telephone terminals in the Commission
  • Installation and maintenance of PABX system in the Headquarters and zonal offices.
  • Installation and maintenance of generators in the NBC Headquarters, zonal offices, and state offices to provide backup power supply
  • Ensures constant availability of power supply and water supply