Human Resources



The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has a Board appointed by the President. The Director-General is a member of the Board, while the Secretary to the Commission is also the Secretary to the Board. The Secretary to the Commission is in-charge of Board matters. The Board is the highest decision making body of the Commission. But in the absence of a Board, the Commission takes directives from the Supervising Ministry of Information and Culture.


  • Board of Management: This is made up of the Directors in the Commission with the Director-General as the Chairman.


  • Directorates: There are currently Nine (9) Directorates. Namely;
  1. Director General’s Office
  2. Secretary to the Commission
  3. Broadcast Monitoring
  4. Engineering and Technology
  5. Human Resources and Administration
  6. Broadcast Policy and Research
  7. Investigation and Enforcement
  8. Finance and Accounts
  9. Public Affairs

There are two (2) Departments and a unit under Director-General’s Office namely;

  • Legal Department;
  • Audit Department;
  • Procurement Units.



There are currently Ten (10) Zonal Offices and Twenty-Four (24) State Offices in the Country. Establishment of additional State Offices is in the Offing.

Core functions DHR&A:

  1. Ensuring an efficient Personnel Administration including staff welfare matters, promotion, discipline, annul personnel audit, Leave and domestic passages;
  2. Coordinating the review and applying constantly staff grading, condition of service and other Commission’s rules, and guidelines, Public Service Rules etc and ensuring adherence;
  3. Initiating staff incentives and welfare schemes and supervising the implementation of pension gratuities.
  4. Ensuring optimum staff recruitment in conformity with approved establishment, Office of the Head of Service of the Federation (OHCSF), Federal Character Commission, IPPIS etc.
  5. Ensuring appropriate training of administrative staff and coordinating general staff training programmes;
  6. Undertaking Management investigation, Manpower Planning/Budget.
  7. Servicing of Board of Management meetings and others.
  8. Keeping registry for Personnel records;
  9. Ensuring proper management and maintenance of pool vehicles;
  10. Coordinating of administrative functions in the zones and state offices including the documentation of offices
  11. Promoting a positive image for the Human Resources/Administration Directorate and the Commission.
  12. Providing schedule of duties and setting targets for the staff of the directorate;
  13. Preparing and implementing Human Resources/Administration Directorate Budget;
  14. Any other duties that may be assigned by the Director-General.