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5th October, 2020

5th OCTOBER, 2020



The National Broadcasting Commission, as part of her mandate, monitored for compliance, the conduct and Content of Broadcasting Stations before, during and after the just-concluded Edo State Elections in line with the NBC ACT, CAP11, Laws of the Federation 2004.

In view of this, the National Broadcasting Commission appreciates all Broadcasting Stations in Nigeria for the professional and ethical broadcast, which no doubt, contributed majorly to ensuring Free, Fair, and Peaceful Elections in the State.

The Commission enjoins broadcasting Stations in Ondo State to borrow a leaf from their colleagues in Edo State by using the Nigeria Broadcasting Code as guide to ensure Free, Fair and credible elections.

In a similar vein, the Commission wishes to draw the attention of Broadcasters, particularly, operators of Pay Television services and Free-To-Air TV services on the deadline issued by the Commission for stoppage of continuous violations of the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code with repeated broadcast of NTBB’s (NOT-TO-BE-BROADCAST) Musicals.

The Commission had earlier warned that the broadcast of vulgar and obscene musical videos, which some have attributed to the increased trend of rape and other social vices, will not be tolerated from 0ctober 1st, 2020.

The Commission would not hesitate to apply appropriate sanctions to violators for any breach in line with its mandate.

The Commission has also released the list of Broadcast Stations sanctioned in the 2nd Quarter, 2020, for various breaches.

The list indicates Stations sanctioned for vulgar lyrics, unverifiable claims, repeated broadcast of NTBB’s.

The National Broadcasting Commission wishes to remind broadcasters that they have a duty to promote the corporate existence of Nigeria, and the socio-economic well-being of the Nigerian State.