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Information and News

NBC is headed by a Director General who is the chief executive of the Commission responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. Under his office there are 2 departments and 3 units: Public Affairs department and Internal Audit department. The units are: Public Procurement Unit, Servicom Unit and Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit. There are 7 Directorates in the Commission, viz: Office of the Secretary to the Commission; Broadcast Monitoring; Broadcast Policy and Research; Engineering and Technology; Finance and Accounts; Human Resource Management as well as Investigation and Enforcement. There are 10 Zonal Offices across the country in addition to 25 state offices.

Administrative Structure:

The Director General is the CEO of the Commission supported by 7 directorates: 

  1. Office of the Secretary to the Commission
  2. Directorate of Broadcast Monitoring
  3. Directorate of Broadcast Policy and Research
  4. Directorate of Engineering and Technology
  5. Directorate of Finance and Accounts
  6. Directorate of Human Resource Management
  7. Directorate of Investigation and Enforcement

To effectively cover the vast expanse of Nigeria, the Commission has ten (10) zonal offices and twenty five (25) state offices. The headquarters of the Commission resides in Abuja, the capital city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Since inception, the NBC has had 6 Chief Executives. Mallam Is'haq Modibbo Kawu is the present Director-General.


News is instant history. Broadcast news is the most potent of all forms of news. Current Affairs programmes constitute the most powerful medium of mass mobilization, influencing democracy and  engineering.
Therefore, News shall, among other things, promote the following:
•  A truthful, comprehensive and intelligent account of each day’s local, national and international events;
•  A forum for the exchange of views, representing every stratum of society, for national consensus.
•  A presentation and clarification of the goals and values of society