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License Fees Schedule and Renewal

Schedule of License Fees 

After the license is granted, the Company would be required to pay license fee for an initial term of five years in the first instance, subject to renewal. The license fee for an initial term of five years is as follows:   

  1. CATEGORY A: Any location in the FCT, Lagos and Port Harcourt: Radio - N20million, Terrestrial TV - N15million, Cable - N10million.
  2. CATEGORY B: Any location in all other states: Radio - N15million, Terrestrial TV - N11.25million, Cable - N7.5million
  3. Public/Government Stations: N5million for 5 years or N1million per Television or Radio Channel per annum for 5 years
  4. Renewal fee for Cable – Satellite Television (MMDS):
    • Category A: FCT, LAGOS and PORT HARCOURT = N5Million for Five years
    • CATEGORY B: Any location in all other states: N4million for 5 years
  5. Direct Broadcast Satellite: (Single Channel): New and Renewal: N10million for 5 years.
  6. Direct-to-Home (DTH) (Multichannel) New: N25million for 5 years Renewal: N50million for 5 years (with effect from May 19, 2005).
  7. Dealer (Wholesaler): N120,000.00 per annum
  8. Importer (Wholesaler): N120,000.00 per annum
  9. Retailer N30,000.00 per annum
  10. Others: % of income: 2½ of income Application form: N50,000.00 per set In considering an application for a broadcast license under the NBC Act, the Commission must certify that the applicant: Is a body corporate registered under the Companies and Allied matters Act or a station owned, established or operated by the Federal, State or Local Government Can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Commission that he is not applying on behalf of any foreign interest Can comply with the objectives of the National Mass Communication Policy as is applicable to the electronic media, that is radio and television Can give an understanding that the licensed station shall be used to promote National interest, unity and cohesion and that it shall not be used to offend the religious sensibilities or promote ethnicity, sectionalism, hatred and disaffection among the people. LOCAL PROGRAMME CONTENT

Every licensee is required to adhere to a minimum of 60% local broadcast content for open television and 80% local broadcast content for radio. The cable/satellite retransmission stations are mandated to reflect a minimum of 20% local content in their programming.

Procedure for Renewal Of License

An application for the renewal of a license shall be made to the Commission within a period of six months, before the expiration of the license. For avoidance of doubt, the airwaves are held in trust for the public; therefore, the licensee is accountable to the public through the Commission. Thus a public hearing may be organised, as part of the licensing renewal procedure, for the public assessment of affected broadcast station.

In applying for the renewal of a license, the applicant shall :

  1. Clear all outstanding financial and administrative obligations to the Commission.
  2. It shall submit to the Director-General, NBC, through the Commissions Zonal Director in the area of operation, copies of his application.
  3. The application shall include:
    • A detailed report of the stations faithfulness to its statements of intent in the original      application form for the  expiring license, in accordance with the second schedule of the NBC      Decree No 38 of 1992.
    • A report of its compliance with the following:-
      • The relevant provisions of the 3rd schedule of the NBC Act 38 of 1992 such as submissions of quarterly schedules accompanied by synopses of programme listed.
      • Keeping of daily station logbooks for transmitted programmes, transmitter output power and radiating frequencies.
      • Making available for inspection by the staff of the Commission, its broadcast facilities including equipment   and station log book.
      • Other rules and regulations issued from time to time by the NBC statement of accounts for the period under review. Completed application forms for renewal of the license accompanied by a feasibility report for the renewal period sought.