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On June 3rd 2008 the Commission hosted a Stakeholders’ meeting, chaired by the Hon. Minister of Information and Communications. It was attended by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Media, the Chairman, House Committee on Information and more than four hundred participants, including chief executives of federal and state government-owned, as well as private, broadcasting stations, policy makers, law makers, non-governmental organisations and the General Public from across the nation.
In addition to endorsing the necessity for Nigeria to take advantage of the global Digitisation movement, the stakeholders urged government to drive the process through policy by providing the necessary and enabling infrastructure, as well as set up a digitisation implementation task force and provide it with adequate funds to midwife the transition.
The Stakeholders’ Conference also advised that for a successful migration, broadcasters will need to overcome the challenges of digital compliant studio equipment, content provision, new coverage planning, training for its personnel and public awareness.
Furthermore, Government has the greatest role to play in actualising the migration. It is the role of government to lead the movement by fashioning out appropriate policy on methodology and pace of migration, acquisition of set-top boxes for existing receivers already in the country and generally giving direction to the industry in the interest of the nation.