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The Public


A Public Hearing shall be conducted within the coverage area of the broadcaster to enable the Commission determine:

  1. The level of compliance with the provisions of the NBC Act, the Code and other rules and regulations made by the Commission from time to time.
  2. The extent to which the License has benefited the people on whose behalf it is held.
  3. The appropriateness or otherwise of its renewal.


  1. The Commission shall cause the broadcaster to announce the public hearing in its coverage  area, at least twice a day at prime time for a period of two weeks, prior to the hearing stating;
    • date, time and venue fixed for hearing;
    • the nature of the matters to be heard at the public hearing.
  2. The entire cost of the hearing shall be borne by the broadcaster.
  3. No application may be amended or varied and no supplementary or additional document may be filed after a notice in respect thereof has been published, except with the permission of the Commission.

Public Hearing Committee

  1. The Commission shall establish a Public Hearing Committee.
  2. The Commission shall notify the broadcaster of the date, time and place for the hearing.
  3. The Commission shall publish a notice of the application in at least two newspapers in circulation within the area normally served by the broadcaster.