Broadcaster - Signal Distributors


The National Broadcasting Commission recognises, Digitisation, the conversion of the broadcast and communication systems from analogue to digital, as an important global movement driven by the International Telecommunications Union, ITU that will revolutionise broadcasting, as we know it. Digitisation both improves the quality of reception and ensures a more efficient use of the spectrum, which is a scarce and finite natural resource belonging to all Nigerians, and held in trust by licensees. 
The transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting will affect all segments in the broadcasting value chain, namely: content production, transmission and reception as all will require technical upgrading to support digital broadcasts.

The Federal Government issued a White paper and inaugurated a presidential committee with seventeen (17) members known as DIGITeam Nigeria.  Under the guidance of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), the Digiteam is to oversee the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting. Based on the White Paper issued by the Government of Nigeria, three (3) broadcasting Signal Distribution Licenses will be issued, one of which will be reserved for the infrastructure entity that will mainly be carved out of the existing Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).The Second License will be awarded through a bidding process to stimulate competition and the third license would be awarded in future based on further market development. Further to this, on the 20th of March 2014, the DigiTeam issued an international invitation for the Expression of Interest (EoI) from experienced and competent local and international entities to rollout and operate a National broadcasting signal distribution.